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Our Philosophy

What drives Upsource to consistently deliver the extremely high quality of service and solutions our clients have come to expect? It is tempting to expound on the great core qualities that all companies long for: honesty, integrity, excellence. Or throw out phrases like “the customer comes first.” But in a sea of altruism, why is it that so few companies reflect the words in their vision statement? How do we guarantee that these lofty goals define our work?

We live and die by our principles.

We always end up acting on what we really believe, not what we say we believe. We believe that we will answer for every action we make (and the ones we don't make but should have). Much of the way we live will come to light in the short term, as our actions to our clients speak louder than our words. Some of it may never be known in this life, but we will answer for it one day.

We Exist
To Help

Our core focus is simple, we want to help you add great value by enhancing your team of Salesforce experts.

Meet Our Leaders


Emanuel Seewald

Emanuel hails from the mountains of Tyrol. He showcases his commanding experience and extensive strategic talents every day at Upsource. As a no-nonsense guy, he is able to rapidly and intuitively find solutions to even the most complex CRM and business needs. His drive to solve problems and have the “hard” conversations makes him an invaluable part of the Upsource team.

Upsoruce solutions ceo emanuel seewald

Nate Ayres

Nate was born in Colorado, but has a rich cultural history, growing up in Mexico. Since childhood, Nate has been overflowing with ideas, inventions, and entrepreneurship. A deep excitement springs to life in him when a problem is found that is challenging or could be solved in a better way. This created a desire to learn advanced science and math at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. His passion to understand and implement solutions in the real world then drew him to the University of Colorado at Denver, where he completed a Masters of Business Administration degree in 11 months.

Twelve years ago the two sides met in the perfect career – software consulting, where the demands of communication and business knowledge meet technical software challenges every day. Many IT projects fail due to the inability of the consultant to identify the root business need and match it to the best technical solution. This is why the Upsource promise is for every business need to get the right solution. Nate loves waking up each morning to fulfill this promise with the incredible team at Upsource.

When Nate is not at work, he’s probably enjoying a documentary, a great book, or a delicious meal with his wife and three children. If you (or your children) head into the Rocky Mountains outside of Woodland Park, Colorado, you might also catch him volunteering at his beloved Camp Elim.

Just a Few of Our Certifications

Each team member is certified in a variety of Salesforce knowledge areas, as well as Salesforce-related apps and verticals.

Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Platform Developer I
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Platform Developer II
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Administrator
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Platform App Builder
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Sales Cloud Consultant
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Service Cloud Consultant
Upsource Solutions Certifications Experience Cloud Consultant
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Marketing Cloud Developer
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Data Architecture And Management Designer
Upsource Solutions Experience Certifications Tableau CRM And Einstein Discovery Consultant

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