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Salesforce Administration & Professional Training


Every organization needs to keep their CRM environment up to date, as their business, processes, and users change. But the weekly or monthly throughput vary widely depending on the number of users, hired support staff, and volume of changes. Upsource caters to each client, offering a range of bundled services, extended support hours, and emergency support.

Dedicated Administration

Whether it’s an annual bucket of hours to meet a maintenance release schedule, a monthly support agreement, a dedicated administrator, or a one-time project, use Upsource and make every hour count. The expertise and payment options will make sure that the job is done right the first time and according to your timeline.

Salesforce Development

No matter if you need help with a custom pricing and invoicing solution, simple web to lead forms or complex Lightning Components to make your teams more efficient or streamline processes, we at Upsource can provide the development or project management resources. We will analyze the entire solution and provide a design that keeps best practice, simple administration and longevity in mind.

Reach out if your team might needs help implementing email to case or custom web forms for case creation, enhancing assignment rules or building complex triggers to calculate global business times and SLA requirements. Our expertise in multiple industries enabling customer support teams to track and close cases in a more structured and streamlined process.

Help your customers to self serve via a knowledge base and case deflection, request feature enhancements in your product, or enable live two-way communication via chat clients all within one unified experience in a community portal. Or allow your partners, vendors and contractors to interact with your data without having to provide full internal SFDC licenses while controlling access via the standard sharing models.

Additional Products

Do you use another Salesforce product or vertical like Salesforce CPQ, Non Profit Service Package (NPSP), Financial Cloud, Einstein, or Tableau CRM, we at Upsource have many years of experience in various implementations. Just reach out and schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help your team win big in your Salesforce environment.

Data Governance

If your team struggles to keep the system clean of duplicate data or of junk and obsolete records, reach out and we can come up with a one time or scheduled cleaning task and help you implement strategies and business processes to prohibit the creation of such data in the first place while still allowing your users' flexibility and efficient system adoption.

AppExchange Partnerships

Customers Win Big

Even though we could make a lot of money suggesting to build everything from scratch and custom, we at Upsource put the customer first and therefore often recommend an existing AppExchange product that might already fulfill the core of the requirements. We work well with AppExchange partners to either help their dedicated implementation teams have guidance in your system setup or even install and build out the tool from beginning to end. We often get asked by our AppExchange partners to salvage a failed implementation and help their customers be satisfied with their chosen solution or pivot in design

AppExchange Partners

Here is a list of a few AppExchange partners that are pre-vetted and have our stamp of approval for helping our customers win big:

If you are running an Advertising Agency and would like to have direct connection to various digital fulfillment systems like GAM, while tracking all sales and invoicing in Salesforce, then you should take a closer look at ADvendio!

Want to connect your SharePoint (Office 365) files via a native Salesforce App? Look no further, sFiles can provide that and allows you to fully customize back-end functionality via their own custom API.

Want to simplify field service inspections and work orders, or need complex but simple to administer forms for partners, or internal users while making all these forms fully accessible while users are offline? ProntoForms allows just that!

3rd Party Integrations

Want to see all your data in a unified UI or system even though it lives in multiple servers and systems? Do you want to push your invoice information into NetSuite or Quickbooks for accounting and reconciliation purposes? Need to pull warehouse inventory into your self-service community?

Upsource can help you with your integration needs to and from Salesforce. We will utilize pre-made connectors in for example Workato, Boomi or Zapier, build a custom integration from scratch or help you set up a connector provided by the source/target company.


Trying to migrate multiple Salesforce organizations into a global environment? Just purchased Salesforce and need to move all your data from the old CRM, Excel or a homegrown system into your new squeaky clean environment?

Upsource can help you, with years of experience in data transformation, migration and the ingrained knowledge of Salesforce best practices, to have a successful migration of configurations, customizations and most importantly the data. We utilize multiple Salesforce and 3rd Party tools like Dataloader, Ant, and Alteryx for no extra cost to you, to make the process as seamless and clean as possible.

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