How to Optimize Sales Features for Lightning Experience

31 January 2023

If you're unsure of how to maximize your sales process using the above features in Salesforce, then keep reading to find out how to boost productivity, sales, and efficiency.

Salesforce is overflowing with many helpful features that can improve a sales representative's day by making tasks a little bit easier. The issue is knowing where to start, what to use, and how to use it. In this article, we'll discuss how Salesforce can help a rep align with their organization's internal sales process, utilize their workspace to quickly close deals, and visualize the pipeline with the Kanban view.

Path and Workspace

Paths can be extremely helpful to sales representatives when they are working through the sales process. A sales rep is able to learn the necessary steps to keep the sales process in motion and quickly close a deal by focussing only on necessary information.

By utilizing the sales path, managers can identify which sales reps are on the correct route and which reps may need some extra help. Paths can display any key fields that are needed to be completed before moving to the next stage of the sales process. They can also display encouraging words, links to Chatter posts, and reminders about a company policy. 

Sales reps should take advantage of the built-in Salesforce features that make day-to-day tasks easier by adding them to their workspace. An efficient workspace is specifically beneficial when working with leads and opportunities. In addition to the path being a part of the workspace, there is the ability to log a call, view activities, create new tasks and events, and even send emails directly from Salesforce.

Paths will need to be configured by your administrator.

Activities: Tasks, Calendar, and Events

Activities function as tasks, the calendar, and events. Utilizing activities can keep you on top of your accounts, opportunities, leads and a few other objects.

Tasks operate as a means to keep track of your to-do list. It is easy to relate a task to an object and update it quickly to stay on top of all the many things a sales rep needs to keep track of. Recurring tasks can be enabled and allow for tasks to repeat based on a certain timeframe. Another helpful feature with tasks is the ability to assign up to 100 users to the same tasks, while allowing them to have their own copy of the task.

The calendar and events functionality can be used to track meetings with potential prospects, current customers, and coworkers. Events can be reated to Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, and Contacts and allow a sales rep to keep a log of important details regarding an event. A calendar can be shared with coworkers to coordinate schedules. Calendars also function as a visual aid to track ongoing or upcoming items and can be customized to fit your needs.

Kanban View

Kanban view is a visual summary of the records in a particular list view. It provides a big picture view of all your work and allows you to easily sort, summarize, filter, and move your opportunities along your company's pipeline. To get to Kanban view, select a list view to display certain records. Next click the 'Display As' menu and select 'Kanban'.

By default, the Kanban view for opportunities is organized by stage. To move an opportunity to a new stage from the kanban view, select any opportunity by clicking and holding down the mouse and dragging it to a new column in the view. Kanban view also allow you to make changes to an opportuntiy within the view, as well as deleting the opportunity or changing the owner. If an opportunity does not have any upcoming tasks or events, the view will show a warning symbol that when clicked on will allow you to create an activity to get the deal moving.

Kanban views can be edited to show different columns and different numbers for summarization purposes. These settings can be changed by clicking on 'List View Controls' and selecting 'Kanban Settings.' Sales reps should utilize Kanban view to quickly update items and view the pipeline.

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