11 April, 2023
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Case Study - Custom Property Leasing Experience

11 April, 2023


The Client

 Our client is a leading real estate management company that has assets and properties all over the world. The company covers a broad spectrum of real estate types from office to retail, logistics to multifamily, and hospitality to development. With an impressive vision of quality and excellence to uphold, they want to ensure to provide the best experience for their customers both relationally and digitally. With our Salesforce expertise, Upsource sought to help them do just that.

The Goal

              The client wanted to introduce a new digital experience for their customers that would allow their users to search for and initiate the leasing application process for retail spaces. The desire was to leverage their existing database – housing their property information and marketing assets – as well as the lead and opportunity process that was already in use in their Salesforce org. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this project for both customers and leasing reps, the customer wanted to automate the initial leasing process as much as was reasonable, before the opportunity would need to be approved and passed over to a leasing team.

The Solution

              Keeping the goal in mind of creating a seamless experience for customers that leveraged Salesforce while still keeping the look and feel of the company brand, we went the route of custom Lightning Web Components (LWCs) styled to match their existing company website.

              To maximize reusability, Upsource created seven interconnected LWCs. These components were also Lightning Out enabled so that they could be hosted on the company’s website without the need for logins or a community website. The key components were:

  • ApplicationForm: A multi-page application form experience, with conditional logic to display different information depending on the property selected.
  • PropertySearchResults: A component that displays all the properties that have been queried from Salesforce. Also uses a connection to a separate, non-Salesforce database to pull down assets to display for each property.
  • PropertySearch: This component houses the PropertySearchResults component and allows the user to apply filtering and search options to the list of properties.
  • Calendar: To facilitate an easy user experience for selecting lease dates, while also accommodating the customer’s requirements for date and lease length limitations, Upsource created a complex custom calendar component that also matched the company’s branding.

              On the internal Salesforce side, we created a process that would move the application records received from the website through the Opportunity process using approval processes. If the Opportunity was approved, custom Apex code that integrated with Docusign’s API would automatically send out the lease documents for that property to the appropriate parties to review and sign. Once everything was signed, the Opportunity would also automatically be marked as Won.

The Result

              Upsource delivered an intuitive and on-brand user experience that allows the company’s customers to easily search for an apply for the property that they want. With our focus on keeping the overall application clean and reusable, the application can easily pull in additional assets and properties without complex code changes. This resulted in a win-win for both the company (and their internal Salesforce admins) and their customers!

If you are interested in a team that can help you and your company win big as well, consider scheduling a free consultation with us and let us take care of your Salesforce needs.

Below are a few screenshots of the application.


Image 1: Property Search Page with filters


Image 2: Calendar Component

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